how to follow the endurance competition?

if you do not have a ticket for the endurance race that will be held thursday, august the 28th in sartilly and in the bay of mont st michel, there is still a way to enjoy the equestrian marathon of the alltech fei world equestrian games 2014 in normandy. if you are in the area, do not worry: you can follow the race on the website thanks our live scoring system and our gps.

how to follow the endurance competition?

how to follow the race if you're not in sartilly?

the competition will be live on fei tv

you will also get to follow the live scorese on our website at the end of the 1st lap.

it will also be possible to follow the position of all the riders thanks to our gps

click here to see the start-list 

how the follow the race if you're int he area?

by going to kairon equestrian centre, by the beaches of kairon, jullouville and carolles, to dragey, to the avranches’s racecourse, and to the district of la ferriere jullouville

indeed, the organising committee, the prefecture and the several municipalities of the area have identified mutliples places on the course where you can easily park, get some food, and of course see the 170 riders and horses who will battle to win this equestrian marathon of 160 kilometers.

the times and places where you will get to see the competitors are listed below.

for the ticket holders who have access to the venue, they will be able to go back and forth between the site and these points during the whole competition.

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