joanne eccles way out in front

the women’s technical test wrapped up thursday afternoon in caen’s zenith music hall. it would seem that nothing will keep joanne eccles from bagging another world title.

joanne eccles way out in front
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in front of a euphoric crowd, she dominated the vaulting competition with the same ease she completes a pirouette astride her horse. watching the scot perform today, even the most uncoordinated and arthritic armchair spectators would think themselves capable of doing what she did: that’s how easy she made it look. not one slip-up, not the slightest wobble, not the slightest toe drag. in all likelihood, she will win the individual gold tomorrow. i confirm that it went very well", she modestly said as she stood – all smiles – in front of the media, including the bbc, which has been following her performances from the beginning. “i feel so good in this arena, she continued, i even treated myself to an extra few seconds at the end to savour the crowd’s applause and look out onto all the british flags in the stands and see all these people who follow vaulting and team gbr in particular.”

it is hardly a surprise that she has taken the overall lead by a wide margin (nearly three tenths over anna cavallaro, of italy, for this test) in the beginning of the second round where only the top 10 vaulters from the first round square off.

for the technical test, team gbr’s joanne eccles takes the win, followed by anna cavallaro, of italy and the american mary mccormick, in third. 

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