normandy 2014 club

normandy 2014 club

“le club normandie 2014” is the business club of the alltech fei world equestrian games 2014 in normandy. it shows how businesses, and on a larger scale the socio-economic world, are preparing for the games.

its aim is to bring together the largest number of businesses possible, such as shopkeepers, craftsmen, freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large companies and institutional socio-economic stakeholders from normandy and all over france.
this club is open to any company that wishes to support the games!

logo club normandie 2014the aims of le club normandie 2014 are to:

  • support and promote the alltech fei world equestrian games 2014 in normandy,
  • allow all companies and their collaborators to be involved in the games,
  • contribute to the local dynamic and make normandy more attractive to the rest of the world.



message from fabien grobon, chairman of the organising committee

fabien grosbonfabien grobon, chairman of the organising committee, underlines the importance of getting companies involved to ensure that the event is a success and to motivate the region: “the companies will talk about the games, show willing, drive the event and be proud of it. le club normandie 2014 will offer them ways of rallying their employees, their partners and their clients…just imagine 2014 companies and thousands of members wearing the same shirt, the games shirt!"



a project open to everyone

with a one-time membership fee of 79.00 € +vat, everyone can be a member of le club normandie 2014!
shopkeepers, craftsmen, cooperatives, freelancers, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large companies, professional federations and syndicates, institutional socio-economic stakeholders… whatever the size of your company or your profession, we are counting on you ! 

how to join “le club”

to join le club normandie 2014, sign up via the club’s website:

for more information, please contact us by email at the following address: [email protected]