outstanding 9 for austria in the pas-de-deux!

they did it! austria’s jasmin linder and lukas wacha achieved the first score over 9 in the vaulting at the alltech fei world equestrian gamestm 2014 in normandy, in the pas-de-deux competition. things are looking good for tomorrow’s free test final!

outstanding 9 for austria in the pas-de-deux!
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it’s an amazing feeling: a score of 9 is pretty rare,” says the young jasmin, who is still grinning ten minutes after her outstanding performance in the caen zenith. “we’ve had scores of over 9 for a while now, but it’s still incredible to get this score at a championships!” however, judging by their past achievements, this couple might have another surprise in store for us tomorrow: last march they achieved the excellent score of 9.177 at the al shaqab cvi, in qatar.

though they are both competing in the individual vaulting competition in addition to the pas-de-deux, they admit they had to make a choice. “staying 100% focused on two disciplines is a real challenge,” explains lukas, who is among the 15 best male vaulters at the games. “this week’s individual is just for fun,” he laughs. in the individual and in the pas-de-deux, lukas is performing atop bram, a horse he is only just getting to know: “my usual horse has fallen ill, so i competed on bram for the first time here in caen.” and the achievements do not stop there! another highlight of this decidedly austrian evening was when the pair were awarded a perfect 10 by one of the judges for the artistic aspect of their routine! “that was one of our goals!” smiles jasmin. “we work with a choreographer who set us that challenge.” a challenge they rose to, and which the pair are hoping to repeat again tomorrow.

behind them, germany’s gera marie grün and justin van gerven achieved an average of 8.631; while sisters joanne and hannah eccles scored 8.570. the two pairs will have to put in a stellar performance if they are to oust the austrian couple from the top of the podium tomorrow.

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